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In October 2022 Hoopoe Books and its programs were transferred from the Institute for the Study of Human Knowledgeto a new educational nonprofit, Hoopoe Share Literacy Funddevoted exclusively to Hoopoe publications and book donation programs.

Hoopoe’s teaching stories uncover the ancient world of storytelling, from a time before societies had formal schools – when stories were the way in which everyone learned the much-needed universal lessons of tolerance and appreciation of all cultures. Through these tales, children can develop higher-level thinking skills as well as an understanding of the universality of our natures, hopes and dreams, and an appreciation of the diverse ways in which they’re expressed.

As traditional tales from Central Asia and the Middle East, Hoopoe’s teaching-stories promote multicultural education, bridging cultures and encouraging tolerance among people of all backgrounds. These books are available in many different languages and bilingual editions that are ideal for immigrants and refugees. 

Hoopoe also continues to gather traditional and modern tales from around the world, from which young readers can both be entertained and learn.

Hoopoe’s “All About Me” series provides good, solid, scientifically validated information to help young people understand the challenges they face as they move into adolescence and prepare for adulthood. 

Hoopoe’s literacy outreach programs have donated millions of our books, along with teacher lesson plans and related material for parents, to underserved children around the world.

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