Fatima the Spinner and the Tent – English-Pashto Edition

The cover for the English-Pashto book Fatima the Spinner and the Tent

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By Idries Shah
Illustrated by Natasha Delmar
Translated by Palwasha Bazger Salam
Ages: 8–14

ISBN: 978-1-944493-56-1 (paperback) $11.90
36 pages

Fatima’s life is beset with what seem to be disasters. Her journey leads her from Morocco to the Mediterranean, Egypt, Turkey and, finally, to China. It is in China that she realizes that what seemed at the time to be really unfortunate events became an integral part of her eventual fulfillment.

This Teaching-Story is well known in Greek folklore, but this version is attributed to the Sheikh Mohamed Jamaludin of Adrianople (modern-day Edirne) in Turkey, who died in 1750.

Natasha Delmar lives and works in the Bay Area. She is the daughter of the celebrated classic Chinese painter Ng Yi-Ching, who taught her to paint.

Natasha has illustrated two other Hoopoe books The Old Woman and the Eagle by Idries Shah and The Wisdom of Ahmad-Shah by Palwasha Bazger Salam.

“This fascinating tale will captivate young readers with its suspenseful plot. Older readers can make connections with their own lives and explore the deeper meanings of the concepts of misfortune, opportunity, and ultimate happiness. The detailed, colorful artwork of Natasha Delmar adds depth and richness to the story. With each reading, children and adults will find new details in the illustrations to appreciate and discuss. In addition, reading the book to and with children provides an excellent opportunity to build their vocabulary and literacy skills while developing their appreciation for good literature.”
—Denise Nessel, Ph.D., Consultant and Director of Publications
National Urban Alliance for Effective Education

“Designed for ages five and older, this book is an excellent example of a ‘Teaching-Story’ used to promote critical thinking through the power of an entertaining tale. Discussions about goal-setting, perseverance, and hard work will come naturally while reading this volume.”
—KaaVonia Hinton, Ph.D., Foreword Reviews

If you are looking for a book for all ages that all can take something away from the reading, this just might be the book you are looking for. While aimed at children … there is definitely more to it than that and even adults will find something to take away from the experience.
Wisconsin Muslim Journal

تاوونکې فاطمه او کیږدۍ انګیسي پښتو چاپ

لیکنه: ادریس شاه
انځورګره : ناتاشا دیلمر
ژباړ او ترتیب: پلوشه بزگر سلام
عمرونه: ۸ – ۱۴

$11.90 (کاغذي پوښ) ISBN: 978-1-944493-56-1
۳۶ صفحی/ پاڼی

دا د ماشومانو لپاره د محلی قصو د لړۍ نهم کتاب دی چې د افغان لیکوال ادریس شاه له خوا بیا ویل شوې دي. په دې کيسه کې د فاطمې ژوند د هغه څه چې په ښکاره بلاوې ښکاره کيده محاصره شوی وو. د هغې سفر، هغه له مراکش څخه مديترانې، مصر، ترکيې او بلاخره چين ته ورسوله. په چین کې هغه پوه شوه چې د هغې د ژوند ټولې بلاوې او بدمرغۍ د هغې د ژوند ارمانونو او بریا ته د رسیدو یوه مهمه برخه وه.

ځوان لوستونکي کولای شي دا د خپل ژوند سره مرتبط کړي، او ځان ته د بدمرغۍ، چانس او وروستۍ خوښۍ مفاهیم کشف او واضح کړي. همدا راز دا کيسه ماشومانو ته کله چې غواړي خپلو ادبياتو ته وده ورکړي، د لغاتونو او لوست د زده کړې ښه چانس برابروی.

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