Neem the Half-Boy – English-Ukrainian Edition

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By Idries Shah
Illustrated by Midori Mori & Robert Revels
Ages: 8–14

ISBN: 9781953292643 (paperback) $11.90 / €10,69  
36 pages

Because she fails to follow the precise instructions given to her by Arif the Wise Man, The Queen of Hich-Hich gives birth to a half-boy. That Neem is able to make himself complete by an act of cleverness, negotiation, and compromise teaches children more than the expected, usual lesson of bravery.

“Shah’s adaptation of this traditional Sufi tale will encourage children to contemplate the meaning of psychological ‘wholeness’.” —Bookbird, A Journal of International Children’s Literature

“Neem the Half-Boy deals with the universal theme of being incomplete and having to overcome difficulties to find oneself. … [Neem] eventually becomes whole, not by resorting to violence, but through a combination of cleverness, persistence, and compromise.—Multicultural Perspectives: An Official Journal of the National Association for Multicultural Education

“… rather than dwelling upon the meaning of the story, once it has been told, we follow it with the introduction of breathing techniques to lower stress and calm anxiety or anger – alternatives to breathing fire over people! In this way the children – and the teachers and parents – get to learn a useful stress management tool, while at the same time the pattern in the story is left alone to work its magic.” —Ezra Hewing, Head of Education at the mental-health charity Suffolk Mind in Suffolk, U.K.; and Kashfi Khan, who teaches English as an additional language at Hounslow Town Primary School in London

“The brightly colored, cheerful illustrations … express … upbeat peaceful messages.”

Казка про Німа-напівхлопчика – англо-українське видання

Автор: Ідріс Шах
Ілюстрації: Мідорі Морі та Робертом Ревелсом
Книги для дітей, віком від 8 до 14

ISBN: 9781953292643 (видання в м’якій обкладинці) $11.90 / €10,69  
36 сторінки

Через те, що королева не дотрималася точних вказівок, які їй дав Мудрець Аріф, вона народила напівхлопчика. Ця історія про те, як зростав і як став повноцінним принц – напівхлопчик. ЇЇ розповідають і переказують у Центральній Азії та на Близькому Сході більше тисячі років.


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