The Boy Without a Name – English-Dari Edition

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By Idries Shah
Illustrated by Mona Caron
Translated by Parween Pazhwak and Hozhaber Shinwary
Ages: 8–14

ISBN: 978-1-946270-09-2 (paperback) $9.99
32 pages

A small boy seeks and eventually finds his own name and is able to discard an old dream for a new and wonderful one. Among the many insights that this story introduces to children is the idea that it takes patience and resolve to achieve one’s goals in life.

This is one of the many hundreds of traditional stories collected by Afghan author Idries Shah from oral and written sources throughout Central Asia and the Middle East.

“A message of peace and happiness … a satisfying bedtime story that will encourage pleasant dreams.” —Booklist
The Boy Without a Name - English-Dari Bilingual Edition
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