The Magic Horse – English-Dari Edition

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By Idries Shah
Illustrated by Julie Freeman
Translated by Murtaza Edries
Ages: 8–14

ISBN: 978-1-946270-14-6 (paperback) $9.99
36 pages

This is a tale of two princes and their destinies. Prince Hoshyar gains rank and fortune by supervising the construction of huge metallic fishes that perform wondrous tasks and bring riches to the people of his land. His brother, Prince Tambal, is interested only in a wooden horse that he obtains from a humble carpenter. But the horse is a magical one. It carries the rider, if he is sincere, to his heart’s desire.

One day Prince Tambal disappears on the magic horse. He is away a long time and has many exciting adventures before he obtains his heart’s desire and can return home.

This is one of the many traditional stories collected by the author and educator Idries Shah. These tales are not only entertaining, they also stimulate thinking skills and perceptions in children and adults alike, and help us all to understand more about ourselves, our choices, motivations and options, and about life.

The Magic Horse English-Dari Edition
The Magic Horse Book description

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