The Silly Chicken – English-Arabic Edition

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By Idries Shah
Illustrated by Jeff Jackson
Translated by Rasha Al-Aqeedi
Ages: 3–8

ISBN: 978-1-946270-23-8 (paperback) $9.99
32 pages

The Silly Chicken is a delightful tale of a chicken who learns to speak as we do. It is one of the many hundreds of traditional stories collected by Idries Shah from oral and written sources throughout this region. For more than a thousand years this story has entertained young people and helped to foster in them the ability to examine their assumptions and to think for themselves.

“…this quirky, good-natured fable, with bright, aptly comical pictures, ably illustrates the maxim, it’s important not to believe everything you hear.” Booklist

“Set in the Middle East, Shah’s retelling of a Sufi story sends a gentle message to readers: just because someone says it’s so, does not make it so…With its simple language and repeating phrases, the story begs to be told, and Jackson’s colorful pastel illustrations lend a zany accent to the antics. It’s a classic case of ‘the sky is falling’ from an ancient culture, and it still has the ring of truth today.” School Library Journal

الدجاجة التافهة – الطّبعة الإنجليزية-العربية

تأليف: إدريس شاه
رسومات: جيف جاكسون
ترجمة: رشا العقيدي
أعمار من 8–3

$9.99 (كتاب ورقي الغلاف) ISBN: 978-1-946270-23-8
صفحة 32

تروي‭ ‬قصّة «‬الدجاجة‭ ‬التافهة‮» حكاية‭ ‬دجاجة‭ ‬تتعلمُ‭ ‬كيف‭ ‬تتكلم‭ ‬مثل‭ ‬البشر‭ ‬وهذه‭ ‬القصّة‭ ‬هي‭ ‬واحدة‭ ‬من‭ ‬مئات‭ ‬القصص‭ ‬المحكية‭ ‬الجميلة‭ ‬التي‭ ‬جمعها‭ ‬إدريس‭ ‬شاه‭ ‬من‭ ‬تراث‭ ‬آسيا‭ ‬الوسطى‭ ‬والشرق‭ ‬الأوسط‭ .‬منذ‭ ‬قرون‭ ‬وأجيال‭ ‬متتالية‭ ‬من‭ ‬الصغار‭ ‬يستمتعون‭ ‬بهذه‭ ‬القصّة‭ ‬التي‭ ‬تعلّمهم‭ ‬تعزيز‭ ‬قدرتهم‭ ‬على‭ ‬الافتراض‭ ‬والتفكير‭ ‬الذاتي‭.‬

‮«‬القصة‭ ‬الصوفية‭ ‬ترسل‭ ‬رسالة‭ ‬لطيفة‭ ‬للقراء‭ : ‬فقد‭ ‬لان‭ ‬شخص‭ ‬ما‭ ‬يقول‭ ‬ذلك‭ ‬لا‭ ‬يجعل‭ ‬منها‭ ‬ذلك‭ … .‬بلغتها‭ ‬البسيطة‭ ‬والمصطلحات‭ ‬المتكررة‭ ‬القصة،‭ ‬كانه‭ ‬القصة‭ ‬تروي‭ ‬نفسها‭ ‬بنفسها‬‮.»‬

School Library Journal


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