All About Me

A cognitive neuroscientist shows how “typically teenage” behavior is caused by the growing and developing brain.

Hoopoe Books’ acclaimed All About Me series helps readers age 12 to 21 understand what they’re going through during the critical period of transition from adolescence to adulthood. Entertaining, informative and ideal for social-emotional learning, the four books help readers not only understand themselves, but take advantage of the formative period they’re navigating.

The books provide fundamental information about human nature – useful, scientifically validated information that should be common knowledge but, sadly, isn’t. For example, what psychologists know about how we see, think and feel; how those abilities work; how they change, grow or get stuck; and how reliable they are as we try to make sense of ourselves, our friends, our relatives and the world around us.

Written in an engaging and accessible style that’s peppered with illustrative quotes from real-life teens and fun activities to drive the lessons home, the All About Me books are brought to life by a lovable cast of teenage comic characters who take the reader on an entertaining, enlightening and unforgettable journey.

All four titles, which were first published more than a decade ago, have been revised to incorporate the latest research findings and meet the American Psychological Association’s National Standards for Psychology at the high-school level, the College Board AP Psychology standards and the National Board Standards for Science / Adolescence and Young Adulthood.

Series Editors:
Denise Nessel, Ph.D., is a National Urban Alliance for Effective Education associate who focuses on teaching reading and writing as thinking processes in grades K-12.

Robert Ornstein, Ph.D. (1942 – 2018), was an award-winning psychologist and author whose 20+ books and pioneering research on the bilateral specialization of the brain have done much to advance our understanding of how we think.

“The book series ‘All About Me’ should help provide an essential basic education in psychology and social-emotional learning. Engaging, practical and evidence-based, these vital books offer skills for all teens in understanding how and why they see, think and feel.” Kenneth R. Pelletier, Ph.D., M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco and author of Change Your Genes, Change Your Life

This wonderfully written and illustrated book series called ‘All About Me’ is the preventive antidote teens desperately need to better understand themselves to immunize themselves from negative manipulation and influence that contribute to destabilizing mental health conditions.Marriage and family therapist Sarah Forni, M.A.

The book series ‘All About Me’ offers engaging insights for teens to begin to lay a strong foundation for effective listening and communicating. These skills should be an integral part of what it means to be educated.Susan Glaser, Ph.D., and Peter Glaser, Ph.D., international communication and leadership consultants, researchers and authors of Be Quiet, Be Heard: The Paradox of Persuasion

The ‘All About Me’ book series … offers hope that we can support a new generation of teens who are able to make better decisions, understand their emotions, communicate more effectively, and defend themselves from harmful influence.
Susan Glaser, Ph.D., and Peter Glaser, Ph.D., international communication and leadership consultants, researchers and authors of Be Quiet, Be Heard: The Paradox of Persuasion

[The] intelligent and engaging approach of the ‘All About Me’ book series supports students in developing their own internal compass for understanding their own reactions as they set a thoughtful course through their media-saturated world.
Renee Fadiman, M.F.A., media literacy and SEL Educator, The Girls’ Middle School

Four new and updated editions to the outstanding ‘All About Me’ series from Hoope Books are exceptionally relevant and recommended for teens and young adults. … All four of these informative and thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ titles comprising the ‘All About Me’ series are especially and unreservedly recommended for middle school, high school, and community library collections for young readers.
Midwest Book Review

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