The Stranger’s Farewell

The cover for The Stranger’s Farewell

By Palwasha Bazger Salam
Illustrated by Marie LaFrance
Ages: 8–13

ISBN: 978-1-942698-27-2 (paperback) $7.99
34 pages

This is a very old story, one that has entertained people all over the world for hundreds of years. A young couple invites a stranger to share their meal. As he leaves, his parting words reward their generosity in an amazing way. News of their changed status travels fast and prompts a greedy merchant to seek out the stranger in the hope of gaining a similar reward for himself. But, of course, the result is very different. This tale encourages readers to think about the nature of giving and receiving. It is set here in Afghanistan and retold for young people by the Afghan storyteller and teacher Palwasha Bazger Salam and illustrated by Marie Lafrance an award-winning illustrator who has been drawing most of her life. Recently, Marie has evolved her craft from painting with brushes to creating her wonderful illustrations digitally.

“Children will appreciate its beauty, justice, and simplicity.” —The Midwest Book Review

Available in paperback.

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