Tales from Around the World

Girl with the book The Stranger's Farewell
Girl reading the book Dende Maro
Girl reading the book The Wisdom of Ahmad Shah

Hoopoe continues to gather traditional and modern tales from around the world from which young readers can both be entertained and learn.

Stories exist in all cultures and an analysis of the stories throughout the world shows that the same stories occur time and again in different cultures. The two recently published titles WISDOM OF AHMAD SHAH and THE STRANGER’S FAREWELL are retold from Afghan sources by the Afghan teacher and storyteller Palwasha Bazger Salam.

DENDE MARO: The Golden Prince
Told and Illustrated by Sally Mallam. Illustrations created from the rock art of Africa.

Received a “Noteworthy 2010” distinction from Children’s Africana Book Awards (CABA)

“Dende Maro is a beautifully told and stunningly illustrated origin tale, inspired by ancient African carvings and paintings. The emphasis on the arts, as well as survival skills, encourages readers to reflect on the importance of music, writing, and visual representation in human life. The list of websites and books at the end encourages further study of art forms that date back thousands of years.”

—Denise Nessel, Ph.D.,
Consultant and Director of Publications
National Urban Alliance for Effective Education

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